How does KN3W IDEAS Work?


KN3W IDEAS combines a wide range of ideation, problem solving and strategy development techniques in one easy to use 12 step process, all driven though a unique set of patent pending templates and tools that ensure teamwork and collaboration. Typically you will work in a multi-function team of 6 people, each person works through their own template, while at various stages individuals are given tasks to complete and share back with the team. During the process the team also use a prioritisation matrix to ensure they are always working on the strongest most relevant problem or idea.

KN3W IDEAS Patent-pending Templates and Tools


KN3W IDEAS Templates and Tools
MAIN TEMPLATE – Typically a KN3W IDEAS workshop groups six people, from different functional backgrounds within the organisation, around a table, working together on the same business issue. Each person takes a main template and works systematically through the KN3W IDEAS process together, using the template. They capture all their thinking and ideas on the template as they complete tasks and steps in the process.
TASK SELECTION DICE - When the team get to the dice symbol on the main template the task selection dice is used in a fun way to allocate different tasks to each of the team of six. Each person works on the task alone, and rejoins the team to share their discoveries, learning or perspectives.
TASK TEMPLATES - There are 6 different sets of task templates used during the 12 steps of the KN3W IDEAS process. The tasks are designed to get individuals to look at the issue or challenge differently, through different ‘coloured glasses’ at each stage of the process, and bring back different perspectives to the group. Individuals capture their learning and perspectives on the task template and then share that with the team.

Individuals then capture their ‘shared’ learning or perspectives on the main template and continue working through the process on the main template.
PRIORITISATION - At the end of each stage, signalled by the change in template box colour (WorkGroup Kit), or template colour (WorkShop Kit), the prioritisation symbol gets the team to prioritise and focus behind their strongest or most relevant options.

Each person folds their main template and presents their problem or idea. This can be done with the help of a Concept Board, or simply using the words on the template.

The team debates and agrees where each folded template places into the prioritisation matrix, based on set axis definitions provided with the tool kit. This prioritisation activity happens three times during the 12 step process.
SELECTION - After each prioritisation step, the team select the strongest most relevant item to take into the next stage. In a large workshop KN3W IDEAS uses the Reply® Wireless Voting System to assist in the prioritisation task.

12 Step KN3W IDEAS Process Schematic

Process Schematic


Step-by-step through the 12 step KN3W IDEAS process


What are the Business Problems / Issues?
What is the Real Problem of the Business?
What are the Problems of the Customer?
Is it a Problem Worth Solving?
What are the Key Factors?
What is your Problem Challenge?
How can the Problem Challenge be solved?
Is this an Idea Worth Improving?
How can the Idea be Improved?
How to Make it Happen?
Is this Idea Worth Investing in?
What is the Action Plan?



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KN3W IDEAS the book
More than just a book - a whole KN3W was of thinking

A great introduction to this unique new problem-led front-end of innovation technique. The book is also a complete DIY guide to running your own KN3W IDEAS workshop because it contains a complete set of the patent-pending KN3W IDEAS templates and tools, and a step-by-step classroom in a book tutorial – everything you need to start picking the right things to do – now!