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IRIS is a world-leader in innovation and brand management software.  Their business is about providing large corporations with the structure and tools to manage their innovation and brand marketing activities, and is used in 25 countries by over 1000 marketing, R&D and sales managers.

The IRIS software not only helps business improve speed-to-market and better selection and management of their new product pipeline, it also saves money, by automating many of the time-wasting activities in the marketing process.

Recently IRIS took time out to bring their whole team together for a planning workshop and asked KN3W IDEAS to facilitate.

But why KN3W IDEAS?

Janaki Joshi, CEO of IRIS Interactive explains; “I was looking for two things; I wanted to get the whole team thinking about the key strategic initiative together, and I wanted them to think in a different way about what needed to be done. KN3W IDEAS was able to do both.”

The unique KN3W IDEAS process is designed not only to get organisations thinking differently, but also thinking together.

Janaki continues, “Unlike traditional brainstorming approaches, KN3W IDEAS provided the team with a structured way to work through our key challenges and then to develop unique and different ideas. As a result, we have two very exciting business building projects, owned by the team, which we will be developing over the next few months”

KN3W IDEAS will follow the progress of these two projects with keen interest.



Contact IRIS:

Janaki Joski – CEO

+(612) 9889 1777


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