Working with Brisbane North Institute of TAFE

Brisbane North Institute of TAFE is a large public provider of quality vocational education and training, based in the heart of the northern suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland, and extending through the large growth corridor to Caboolture in the north.  With a vision to build skills capability through excellence, innovation and integratlynne20sep200288ed learning pathways, Bribane North Iinstitute of TAFE is on an aspirational journey over the three year pathway of the new Strategic Plan.  We aspire to lead the way in developing creative and skilled staff and students; to provide the ultimate integrated learning experience; to be the industry partner of choice; and to build a global commercial enterprise. 

With this strongly embedded new outlook, it seemed inevitable that the KN3W IDEAS concept would fit into our business to assist  us in the drive to be the brisbanetafeleader in innovation in our field.  KN3W IDEAS was introduced to Brisbane North Institute of TAFE (BNIT) during 2008, through a business connection with Ian Millner.  After working through the concept and exploring possible applications to our business and spending quality time with John Gerrie, we offered to be the first business to take part in the KN3W IDEAS process of innovation.  In April 2009, 18 executive and senior leaders from Brisbane North Institute of TAFE, along with three staff members training to be facilitators we embarked on the journey of discovery.  The three day workshop was interesting, and provided an appropriate 'space' for creative and innovative thinking.   brisbanenorthtafe

As a result of the first workshop, we now have three defined projects directly relating to customer service improvement, each of which is embedded as a key strategy in the Annual Business Plan for 2009-10.  While it is still too early to see the fruits of these projects as outcomes, the 'projects' certainly are more creative, more innovative and more strategic and will allow us to make key changes to the customer experience in our business.  With more than 30,000 students, these projects are 'mission critical' for us and I believe that the KN3W IDEAS process has given us the creative 'kick start' to some outcomes to allow us to meet our aspirations.   



Lynne Foley


Brisbane North Institute of TAFE

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