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KN3W IDEAS works with start-up photography franchise


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There is nothing quite a beautiful as a happy smiling face beaming from your wall ...a  special

moment captured in time, forever., admired by everyone who sees it.

But getting that special photo of your child is not so easy.. the stress……getting to the studio, looking our best, and more important happy.  And that illusive special moment ... so difficult to capture in the unnatural surroundings of a studio, and you can so easily end up with a forced unnatural pose that just feels all wrong.

We guarantee there won’t be any forced smiles with FunFotos because the laughs are on us. FunFotos comes to you with loads of fun so we can capture that special moment in the funnest, most stress-free photo session you will ever experience. FunFotos is the most fun your kids will ever have, having their photograph taken, they won’t even be conscious we are taking photos, which means we can capture the real child, laughing, having fun, totally natural.

When you book a FunFoto sitting , you can choose from three fun events - FunFarmFotos  , Clowning Around or Magic Moment. We will come to you, set-up the shot, and shoot up to 100 fun fotos  using our high definition digital image system, and the best thing is you can view the images as we go along, while the kids continue to enjoy the entertainment. You pick the images you want and we will deliver prints within 48 hours . You can share the event (and cost) with family and friends at your home . FunFotos can also organise fun foto events for schools, kindi  or sports clubs.

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There are no tricks with FunFoto. You pay for the sitting and all the images are

yours. You can order prints through us, and take advantage of our bulk printing

price, or we can give you the images on CD and you can print them yourself.

FunFotos puts the fun back into children's photography,

Private Sitting

FunFarmFotos with 1hrs KindiFarm / 100 photos = $500.00 plus printing

Magic Moments – 1hr Magic Show / 100 photos - $400.00 plus printing

ClowningAround – 1hr Clown and Face painting / 100 photos  - $300.00 plus


Facilitator & Practitioner

Become a KN3W IDEAS facilitator or practitioner

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