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Find a practitionerKN3W IDEAS is building a global network of independent facilitators and practitioners who will be able to organise and facilitate KN3W IDEAS workshops anywhere in the world, and in multiple languages. Become a Licensed KN3W IDEAS Facilitator or Practitioner.

John Gerrie

John Gerrie – Founder

John is available to facilitate KN3W IDEAS workshops within Australia and New Zealand, and elsewhere with sufficient notice. John is also available to speak at conferences and symposiums.


Australia / New Zealand

Ian Millner

Ian Millner – Licensed Practitioner

Ian has a strong background in the telecommunications industry and owned a Registered Training Organisation servicing the telecommunications industry for 14 years which he sold for 8 times EBITDA.  Ian has also worked in Market Research with AGB McNair Anderson and holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Statistics from Macquarie University. Ian is currently  involved in developing the KN3W IDEAS licensed facilitator training course in partnership and the development of the Institute of Business Innovation.  Ian is available to organise and facilitate KN3W IDEAS workshops anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.


Daniel  Bedon – Spanish and English – Licensed Practitioner

daniel_bedon_faceDaniel has in-depth knowledge of the financial and banking industry in Peru, North America and Australia. He has led large management consulting projects for Coopers & Lybrand and in 1992 headed a restructuring of financial institutions for the Peruvian Government. Daniel has also worked in the mortgage industry in the USA, a large banking corporation in Australia and has provided business management consulting and training services in Australia. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Accounting  degree and post graduate studies in Marketing from the University of Technology Sydney. Daniel is available to organise and facilitate KN3W IDEAS workshops in Spanish and English, and has translated the KN3W IDEAS book and toolkit into Spanish in preparation for the South American launch of KN3W IDEAS. Daniel is also involved with developing the licensed facilitators training course and the development of the Institute of Business Innovation.


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South America:

KN3W IDEAS workshops and accredited facilitator training will be offered in Spanish with a Spanish language Toolkit in the second-half of 2009, in partnership with the Institute of Business Innovation.


KN3W IDEAS is currently exploring the development of the KN3W IDEAS toolkit in Cantonese and/or Mandarin for the expansion into China in partnership with the Institute of Business Innovation.

Rest of the World:

KN3W IDEAS is exploring partnership arrangements  to deliver workshops and facilitator training in  USA, Canada, UK, South Africa and India, and is planning to enter into agreements to translate the process and toolkit into French, German, Italian, Portuguese, other European languages, as well as Japanese.

Facilitator & Practitioner

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KN3W IDEAS the book
More than just a book - a whole KN3W was of thinking

A great introduction to this unique new problem-led front-end of innovation technique. The book is also a complete DIY guide to running your own KN3W IDEAS workshop because it contains a complete set of the patent-pending KN3W IDEAS templates and tools, and a step-by-step classroom in a book tutorial – everything you need to start picking the right things to do – now!