The Whole Organisation's Brain

Team Building

One of the key reasons that organisations fail to really understand the right problems to solve - the Problems of the Customer - is that they simply don’t use the full intellectual capacity of the business.

For many companies, brainstorming sessions are the obvious solution, but that only exacerbates the problem. So if brainstorming is not the answer, then what is?


The key to collaboration is a well structured process that

                               uses all the brains in the organisation.


No one person can possibly come up with every new idea. Teams working together on the right issues, with the right guidance, have the capacity to drive your business forward better than any single mind.

Of course, finding the time to get teams focused, working together and collaborating is not easy. So instead we hire consultants and gurus to tell us what to do when we already know the answers. Everything we need to know to solve any problem and develop new or improved strategies, products and ways of doing business is usually already known by the organisation.

The underlying issue is that an organisation’s culture and environment is often to blame for the lack of collaboration because it’s affected by politicking and egos. Many people are afraid to voice their ideas, either for fear of rejection, fear of being made to look silly, or the fear of having a major idea hijacked by someone else.

The best ideas flow when people are

not afraid of the process.

So how do you get everyone in your organisation thinking? You need to use a process that allows, recognises and rewards individual contribution, and harness the whole organisation’s brain through collaboration and teamwork.

This way, people don’t feel the need to hold back. They are inspired to express themselves because they know individual recognition is given to every idea. It also prevents one individual from dominating the group with their way of thinking or their pet idea.

The key to breakthrough ideas is a well structured, logical sequence of thinking using triggers and stimuli to help use all of your brain and all of your organisation’s brain.

Solving a problem with two heads is better than one,

as long as both receive recognition for the solution.

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