Step 3 - What are the Problems of the Customer?

Now use the task selection dice to allocate one of the PROBLEM OF THE CUSTOMER tasks to each person.

Now immerse yourself in the customers world. Get into their heads, walk a mile in their shoes to uncover their problems, not just the ones that are obvious, but probe to find the deep-down problems that they are really motivated to solve.

Thinking all the time about what problem, if solved, will solve your business problem = THE PROBLEM BEHIND THE PROBLEM

Now share and discuss with the team, listen to the problems they have uncovered and capture the most relevant PROBLEMS OF THE CUSTOMER that, you believe, your customer is the most motivated to solve in Box C.

Now select one or a combination of these PROBLEMS OF THE CUSTOMER that you believe, if solved, will solve the PROBLEM OF THE BUSINESS, your PROBLEM BEHIND THE PROBLEM (PBTP)

Capture that PBTP in the words of your customer in Box D on the main template.

Now create a PROBLEM BOARD using the PBTP words and some pictures to help capture the real essence of that problem. The PROBLEM BOARD is now used to get customer feedback in focus groups or quantitative research (depending on timing), or using an expert panel, to ensure you have really captured a relevant problem, and one that your customer is really motivated to solve.

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Proble Board

Creating the Problem Board

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