Step 8 - Is this an idea worth improving?

Time to sell your ideas!

Each person in the team presents their idea/s, and places their folded template into the prioritisation matrix, with the ‘Best Idea’ box facing outward

The team then debates the ideas and prioritises each idea versus another, based on two criteria – “Does it fit with the Business Strategy?”, and “Can it be done?” The Reply® wireless voting tool is an effective way of prioritising a large volume of ideas.

Once the prioritisation is finalised the team now select their best idea/s from the green quadrant to improve. Teams can select more than one idea to improve if time permits, and will need to split into sub-groups of at least 2 people.

Each person captures the chosen idea to improve in box I of their template, (using a bold pen or another colour) or on a fresh template.

 Step 8

Step 8.1

Step 8.2

Reply® Wireless Voting

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