Step 10 - How to make it happen?

Now we are going to turn the improved idea into a winning business concept with a workable action plan.

Using the task selection dice each person takes a different MAKE IT HAPPEN task template (or if the team is split into sub-teams – each person takes a couple of MAKE IT HAPPEN task templates).

The team are now working with different perspectives on the same improved idea, to collaborate and build one winning business concept.

At this stage you are aiming to turn your improved idea into a competitive and persuasive concept that will connect with your target audience, outwit your competitors and one which the whole organisation will get behind. As you are building the concept you also need to be thinking about the key actions required.

Capture your KN3W IDEA concept on your task template and share. Now together build your one amazing KN3W IDEA CONCEPT and capture it in box K.

You now need to sell your final KN3W IDEA. Together, and with the help at this stage of a designer, you will create your final KN3W IDEA concept board. The format follows the earlier Ideas Board but should now include more definite design, branding and product or service visualisation.

 Step 10
Facilitator & Practitioner

Become a KN3W IDEAS facilitator or practitioner

KN3W IDEAS the book
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