Templates and Tool Mechanics

The patent pending KN3W CUBE provides the structure for the KN3W IDEAS process, leading users step-by-step through the logical sequence of questions and tasks, capturing thoughts and answers along the way.

Individuals, or each person in a group, takes a KN3W CUBE template and begins at the top of side 1, working step-by-step through the sequence of questions.

KN3W Cube Template

Kn3w Cube Template side 1 with KN3W Task Selection Dice


To assist in answering each question and stimulate thinking , the user is directed to specific tasks (in sets of 6) at various stages during the process. In groups, these tasks are allocated in a fun way using the task selection dice, and the output of each is then shared with the group. Individuals can also use the dice to randomly complete different tasks.

Each person continues to work through the process and reaches a final answer in the bottom box on side 1.

The template is then flipped over, so that the final answer from side 1 is visible and can be used as the key stimulus to continue the process on side 2.


KN3W Cube Template - side 2

Again users work through the questions, completing and sharing the output of their tasks. Then, by folding the side 1 box back, the final two boxes containing the conclusion steps of the process are exposed.

KN3W Cube Template Side 2KN3w Cube Task Templates

At this point the KN3W CUBE is folded into a cube shape. Unlike traditional post-it note techniques where logic is often lost and you are left trying to guess what went behind the idea, capturing all the thinking in one place means that the output can easily be shared and debated.

Folded cube



The KN3W CUBE also gives the output physical shape which can easily be sorted and prioritised. The KN3W IDEAS kits include a prioritisation matrix into which the cubes can be placed for prioritisation against a set of criteria.




The physical shape,interestingly, often takes the emotion out of discussions because it is a real object rather than an emotional idea.

Prioritisation Matrix


The KN3W CUBE promotes teamwork and collaboration, while still allowing individuals to work through their own thought processes, and come to their own conclusions and ideas.

Facilitator & Practitioner

Become a KN3W IDEAS facilitator or practitioner

KN3W IDEAS the book
More than just a book - a whole KN3W was of thinking

A great introduction to this unique new problem-led front-end of innovation technique. The book is also a complete DIY guide to running your own KN3W IDEAS workshop because it contains a complete set of the patent-pending KN3W IDEAS templates and tools, and a step-by-step classroom in a book tutorial – everything you need to start picking the right things to do – now!