Moore Stephens Alliance - Peru

Moore Stephens Business Breakfast and its Alliance with AJK Services Pty. Ltd. and  KN3W IDEAS®

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 On the 11 November 2009 Daniel Bedon, Director of AJK Services Pty. Ltd., representatives of KN3W IDEAS® for Latin America, delivered a business breakfast on the application of the technology for the innovation activities carried out by the Peruvian business organisations. This has been organized as part of our alliance with these Australian organizations. The event was held in the ‘Club Empresarial’ (Business Club) a much demanded premise by the business community in one of the most beautiful districts of the capital city Lima.  



The event was attended by senior executives from the different areas of the industry i.e. banking, manufacturing, academia and management consulting firms. moore stephens 1

KN3W IDEAS® is the latest cutting edge innovation methodology that provides a systematic and structured thinking method for the front end of innovation process.  

KN3W IDEAS® is currently in the process of penetrating the Latin American markets, starting in Peru due to the fast economic growing rate that our country shows even in the context of a global crisis. The crisis is to be seen in its real perspective, as an opportunity and time to get ready to level with the developed world and to face the future challenges that the global markets will offer when the crisis is over. 

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