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We all know our modern day lifestyle often means our bodies need a little nutritional help

sometimes. But when we get to the store it is often all too confusing.


At Blackmores we understand how the vast array of products and brands make picking the best

supplements for your health impossible. Our research also tells us that often the best treatments

require a well structured combination of minerals and supplements to target your individual

needs and tailored for different times of the year


That is why Blackmores have created the B-Healthy Pack, a unique new naturopath designed

prescription of nutrients and supplements to target your specific needs and specific times of the year,

prepacked in easy-to-use Webster-type packs, so you will never miss a dose.


Each pack contains a course of nutritional supplements designed for your individual needs and the

time of the year. Use our on-line Health Check or talk to your pharmacy or health store advisor to

help select the course best suited to your needs, or simply check the back panel of each pack to

select the ideal B-Pack for your needs.


There is a B-Healthy Pack designed for almost every occasion, and as the seasons change so do our B-Healthy Packs

For example, at the start of winter our WinterDefense course of nutritional supplements is specifically designed to boost your body’s immunity during the winter months, while the “It‘s That Time of the Year” is offered at the start of the “silly season” to help to help your body cope with the excesses of that time of the year.


The StessRelief B-Healthy Pack contains a unique combination of nutritional supplements tailored for those stressful times in your life, while the Pick-me-up B-Healthy Pack has been designed to lift your spirits. We also have a range of


Osteo B-Healthy Packs targeting different areas with the muscular skeletal system, and different combinations for the cold winter months versus the warmer summer months. The GoodHeart range of B-Healthy Packs are designed for different dietary behaviour, so you don’t end up taking a supplement that you’re already getting through your normal diet. SkinBeautiful and HairBeautiful B-Healthy Packs are also tailored to the seasons, adding extra VitaminD during the winter months. There are also B-Healthy Kids packs tailored for different ages and seasons and there are B-Healthy


Pregnancy Packs tailored for each trimester and immediately post childbirth.


As you will see, the new Blackmores B-Healthy Packs will transform the way you look after your body’s health and nutritional needs, and Blackmores have made it so easy you will never stand in front of a confusing array of products again.


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